Lip Love FAQ


Q1 : What Is Lip Love?
A1 : Lip Love is a monthly subscription program. Once you subscribe, you will receive a bag filled with beauty goodies in your post every month.

Q2 : How Much Does Lip Love Cost?
A2 : The subscription costs $20.95/month + Free Shipping Worldwide. 

Q3 : Can I buy Past Bags?
A3 : Yes! Simply purchase them via our store here

Q4 : What Does Each Bag Contain?
A4 : Each bag contains 1 Limited Edition print Eco Canvas bag + 4 FULL SIZE beauty products

Q5 : When Are Payments Taken Out Each Month?
A5 : All payments are taken out on the 10th of each subsequent month. 

Q6 : When Are Bags Shipped?
A6 : Bags are despatched by the 15th of each month. 

Q7 : Can I Preview The Bags?
A7 : Yes, release them via our social channels Instagram, Facebook and via our Newsletters. Don't forget to stalk us to get the latest previews!

Q8 : Can I Skip or Cancel My Subscription?
A8 : Pls note if you cancel your subscription & wish to rejoin later on, you will be placed at the back of the waiting list again. It is much better to Skip the month (and the bill), than cancel your subscription totally. You may Skip as many months as you wish.

However, if you do wish to cancel, you may do so right up till the 7th of each month. Once your payment has been taken (on the 10th), the cancellation will only apply the following month. 

To Skip or Cancel, simply log into your account and make all your changes there. Alternatively, contact us here so that we can do this for you.

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