We created Lip Love out of the huge demand (i.e. hundreds of emails!) from our fabulous US-based fans who wrote in requesting a subscription plan for color-focused, skin-loving products that are inspired from our own range. This is how it all works :

    1. We publish a bag every month via our website, each containing 3 items + 1 BONUS product (we try very hard to formulate products with a multifunctional twist). All bags contain full-sized items.
    2. You will be able to preview the bag and a selection of its contents. The other bits are kept as a surprise. Love what we have chosen? DO NOTHING* and the bag is on its way. Otherwise, you have complete flexibility to skip the month before the bag goes out. 
    3. We love to encourage chatter about the boxes so let us know what you think via Facebook! Use them, share them, love them and then tell us (and the world) about the amazing looks you've managed to create by sharing them on our Instagram.

*This is a monthly subscription programme. After your first purchase you are automatically subscribed to receive a new bag every month. If you wish to skip a month, cancel your subscription or you just want a one-off purchase, simply email us at and let us know about your choice.

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