5 Beauty Resolutions (For All Year Round)!

Each year we commit ourselves to New Year's Resolutions to help upgrade our lifestyle - exercise more, meet more people, try a new hobby. But what about upping your beauty game? Consider these 5 resolutions, from stepping out of your comfort zone to simply getting more beauty sleep...
1. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
It's easy to fall into a makeup routine and stick with it everyday. And finding products and colors that work for you is great, but it also pays to step outside of your comfort zone occasionally. Dare yourself to try one new thing each month - whether it's a brighter eyeshadow shade for the weekend, or a bold lip that you've been too afraid to try but love on other people. You never know, you may discover a newfound confidence from all the compliments you'll be receiving! 
2. Get More Beauty Sleep
Beauty sleep really is the key to your skin's health. Remember that as you sleep, your body is repairing itself, so making an effort to have a good night's sleep is priority. Just be sure to remove your makeup and cleanse skin before hitting the pillow - even the slightest residue can trap free radicals and bacteria, causing premature fine lines, discolouration and acne. 
3. Regularly Clean Bedsheets
Speaking of cleaning, it's easy to forget about washing your pillowcases and bedsheets. Research says we must wash them every 2-4 days to avoid sleeping in our own sweat and dead skin cells - gross! Plus, who doesn't love snuggling into freshly washed bedsheets?! 
4. Stop Hoarding Products
Did you know that using makeup past its lifespan can transfer bacteria to your face? Not to mention, they no longer hold their efficiency. Say goodbye to clutter by keeping your makeup collection organised and throwing away expired products. Besides, more room = more new makeup! 
5. Master A New Technique
Forever wishing you could do a fishtail braid or perfect your winged liner? Practice makes perfect and there's literally thousands of tutorials on YouTube now to help you get the hang of learning a new skill! Try out a couple and who knows, maybe the technique or style that you master will become your go-to in 2018. 
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