So Susan's Brand Philosophy

So Susan is where color meets science, fusing wrinkle-relief technology into your daily cosmetics regime. Our breakthrough serum-based foundations are not only made to cover flaws and imperfections, but are formulated to work on the skin using a combination of peptides, amino acids and antioxidants to reduce signs of fatigue & aging…letting your makeup work twice as hard for you.

Makeup that you apply and leave on your skin for hours at a time should have outstanding skincare performance. With so many ceramides & dermal solutions in the market supported by clinical validation, you can regenerate your skin & solve skin dilemmas like acne and skin fatigue, while achieving great coverage & color at the same time.

All products in the tightly-edited range are PETA certified Cruelty-Free, packed with an optimum dose of clinically-tested biopeptides, which penetrate the skin to deliver maximum results at a cellular level.
It is all about beauty from the inside out and revealing the best version of yourself!