Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve put together a little Christmas gift guide of some of our favorite products to help you sleigh gift giving this year! Or even just to give you some inspiration for your own wish list...

There is strictly no messin' around with any of these gifts for the one that's always on the go. We've all seen the twenty-something year old doing her makeup on the train or the super woman with a pushchair, two children and a puppy so, we've picked a few gifts for the women like these in our lives. 

1. Anti-Crease Shadow Primer
Because we know amongst work, phone calls, emails, tweets and tedious life admin there is no time for touch ups, Shadow Barricade has your best girl covered all day. 

2. Muse Highlighting Drops
For a little boost of radiance throughout the day our Muse Highlighting Drops infuse a glow into their, perhaps a little sleepy, skin so they can feel like the girl boss babe they are all day long.

3. Too Busy Makin’ A Difference Makeup Bag
For the commuters and travellers, we couldn’t think of a better place to stash their goodies whilst they’re Busy Makin’ A Difference.

4. Liquid Matte Lipstick
Like we said, we mean business and our Matte Lipsticks are long wearing and gentle on the lips with a cruelty-free formula infused with Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter. We love shades 'Pumpkin' and 'Raisin Flesh' for every-day.

These gifts are for the girls in your life that suggest going out 'for one' on a Monday night, the sassiest of the Spice Girls who are your Women Crush Wednesday - every week. These gifts are for the girl bosses in your life that do bad very, very well in red lipstick, their best underwear, hair brush in-hand, singing Beyonce's 'Run The World'. 

1. Cashmere Matte Lipstick
One word – Cardinal – a creamy matte lip color our favorite French revolutionary Gabrielle Chanel would be proud of, a guaranteed contribution to helping your favorite girl slay her day.

2. Muse Palette
Our Muse Palette consists of 3 shades to create an effortlessly sexy smokey eye look for both the day and night. We’ve also added a hint of Eyeseryl® peptide to help reduce dark circles and puffiness because we know being full time sassy is tiring.

3. Mesmer-Eyes Liquid Eyeliner
May your coffee be strong and your eyeliner be even stronger. Give someone the gift of our waterproof eyeliner that takes absolutely no – to quote Clueless – “evil male” drama.

4. Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Makeup Bag
Just a daily reminder to keep on kicking butt.

For that goddess friend you've got who's always glowing and embraces a little less makeup than some, here are a few gift ideas to keep her twinkling! 

1. Luminaire
For a fairy-worthy glow, our gorgeous Luminaire adds an angelic dewy finish to the skin, because let’s face it, we all want a magic wand that will make us look awake after Netflix binges until 3am.

2. Universal Blush
A little bit of our Universal Blush for a natural flush of color to the apples of their cheeks, including Apple Fruit Extract and Copper Peptide to help repair and nourish skin.

3. Lip Dome
For a subtle hint of color perfect for that ‘no make-up make-up’ look for your favorite minimalist goddess.

4. I Only Roll With Goddesses Makeup Bag
For that reminder 365 days a year that she is goddess – also, treat yourself to this as well just in case you need reminding too.

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