Color Curate Bag: May 2018


Introducing our May Color Curate bag, making your dreams become a reality! Let your eyes do the talking with the So Susan Silhouette Palette, featuring 5 dreamy shimmering shades. Complete the look with Jelly Pong Pong's Cosmic Light Pigment (you'll receive one of 3 shades: 'Strobe', 'Prism', 'Flash'). Trifle Cosmetics provide for the sweet tooth with their Mango Frost Lip Scrub - YUM! Plus achieve complexion perfection by applying your base with this adorable Jelly Puff Silicone Sponge that reads 'Unless You Are A Pizza, The Answer Is Yes I Can Live Without You'. 

Limited Edition Makeup Bag (Worth $12)
So Susan Silhouette Palette (Worth $45)
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmic Light (Worth $18)
Trifle Cosmetics Mango Frost (Worth $15)
Jelly Puff in 'Unless You're A Pizza' (Worth $8.99)

BAG VALUE: $98.99