Favourite products & following your dreams...an interview with Makeup-Artist, Carol Lago

Carol Lago, a talented US-based full-time mom who has found her passion in the world of makeup! With her self-taught makeup artistry skills, it's amazing to watch Carol growing so quickly within the industry - you only have to watch one of her makeup tutorials and you'll find yourself smiling (we love her personality!) and feeling inspired at the same time. She's even recently entered the world of YouTube too, where she not only shares makeup tutorials but also vlogs so we can admire and get to know her awesome mom/makeup lifestyle! 

Read on to find out what inspires her, what advice she would give to aspiring makeup artists, her favourite So Susan products and much, much more! 

1. We are so proud to have been working with you for over a year now, after you first reviewed So Susan Cosmetics in March 2016! Since then it's been amazing to watch you progress in the makeup industry, on Instagram and YouTube. Tell us, what do you love most about makeup? 

What I love most about makeup is the ability to change how we appear without changing who we are, I don't believe makeup is something we use to "fix" how we look but simply to change our looks.

2. With the ever evolving makeup community, it's important to stay fresh and on-trend but most importantly, yourself. Who or what inspires your makeup looks and what do you do to ensure you stand out? 

I truly believe in being myself 100%. Some will love me and some won't and that is perfectly ok! I'm having fun playing with makeup and although I take what I do very seriously, I still need to have fun and do what makes me happy. I get inspiration from basically anything! Sunsets, TV shows, and my favorite way of coming up with a look is to show my son (James, 3) a palette with lots of colors and ask him to pick a few of them. Never fails!

3. You've tried a lot of our products! What are your 3 favourites? 

I have to say I LOVE your brushes! So well made! I love the Sun Lounger Bronzer and I love all of the LipoPout Lipsticks (incredible formula)! 

4. Women around the world aspire to become the next best makeup artist or beauty YouTuber. What have you learnt through your experience so far that you would tell aspiring MUA's or advise them? 

To not be afraid to start! Use whatever you have, right now. Just start! You don't need fancy lights, expensive makeup, incredible camera etc... Those things come with time. If its really your dream, then start with what you have and just put yourself out there, start making connections with people. Don't worry about likes or brands, if this is your passion, it will show through everything you do.

5. What is the most important beauty advice you can give to women? 

To take care of your skin!!! I am a firm believer that makeup starts with skincare. If the base of it all is solid and taken care of, anything you put on top will look like a million bucks!

6. Is there anything you haven't seen from a cosmetics company yet, that you would love to see? 

A better method to color match your foundation! I have such a hard time with that! And just more variety in general!

7. What are your favourite beauty trends for 2017? 

Feathery brows, glowy skin, minimal eye makeup, simple and effective looks that don't take hours to accomplish because we all want to look cute but also be able to walk out the door fast enough to enjoy the day!!! 

Just discovered Carol? Follow her on Instagram at @carollago and subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE. 

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