Introducing...JELLY PUFF

That's right! We've only gone and created our very own range of silicone sponges! The world has been going crazy over them and so have we, which makes them so hard to get hold of. Trust us, we tried. But not anymore! We were so eager to get our hands on them and provide easier access to makeup lovers everywhere, we've created our own collection with a personal twist, of course!
So far our range includes four different silicone sponge styles - a mix of transparent and of course, pink! All with a girly quote printed on them because, ya must speak to us on a personal level. Especially when you're applicator reads, "unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes. I can live without you." You're with us, right?!

So, why are thousands of people so obsessed?

- Zero product wastage

- Non-porous surface that won't soak in your foundation, cream blush or highlighters

- Super smooth silicone so you don't have as much products as a typical sponge or blender

How to apply?

It's super easy! Apply a tiny bit of your foundation onto the Jelly Puff Silicone Sponge. Using a circular motion, spread and tap onto skin for a seamless, perfectly blended complexion.

How to wash it?

Simply run it under warm water, rinse with soap and wash all remnants of product off. No waiting time, no crazy long drying time, just wash and go! 

Can't wait any longer? Shop the JELLY PUFF now!

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