#SoSusanUncovered Ep. 4: How To Manage Customer Service


Our wonderful customers are incredibly important to us. After all, we simply wouldn't be where we are today without them! Therefore it is our duty to make sure they are happy and satisfied with their purchase and experience with us. 

We receive emails every single day, whether it's an enquiry about our beauty subscription, Lip Love, or asking when a product may be back in stock. We have our in-house team working very hard daily to ensure every single customer is treated equally and quickly (within 24 hours to be precise)!

The key thing for us is developing a relationship. We love building relationships with you, and we want you to know that we are always here to help you along your journey with us. That's why we have a tight-knit customer service team to ensure we are felt to be approachable and friendly. We want to listen to you and help you, happily and professionally! 

We have a policy (which can be found in our terms and conditions) and we stick to it - this is really important so we can ensure all customers are treated fairly. We also share positivity in every email - if a product is sadly out of stock, we recommend an alternative. Or even just wishing the customer a wonderful day can make all the difference! 

"You've been very helpful! Great customer service!" - Roisin Gavin

But trust us, sometimes it's hard. We often receive aggressive emails - someone writing in capital letters or in ugly language - that never makes a good impression as they need to remember there's a human being behind all of our emails. As much as we try to inject positivity into everything we do, when an email comes in sounding that aggressive, it makes it really difficult to do our jobs well.

Or another scenario is the free loaders (we've had 1 or 2 of really bad ones so far), when someone writes in saying they want a replacement product but have never ordered from us, and can't provide any email evidence to show this. And then threatens to write bad reviews on social media, it's pretty much blackmail from our point of view. All that nastiness for a mascara? If it were a genuine case & a product has arrived damaged, they need to let us know their order number, and give us a photograph of it. A simple snapshot on their phone will do, we're not asking for a full-page report!

When discussing personal details about a customer's order, it's important to know you're talking to the right customer about the right order! That's why we always ask for 3 security questions - full name, delivery address and order reference number. Sometimes an address can accidentally be inputted wrong at the checkout, so this is a good way of spotting that. 

Generally, we have lots of lovely emails, and even a one line email to let us know how much you love the product really means a lot to us. It really does make our day!

"Thank you so much for the great customer service!!! I will be a long time customer!!" - Heather Hill

 So if you're thinking of creating your dream cosmetics company, remember that providing wonderful customer service is the key to success. Happy formulating and here’s to living life passionately, colorfully, doing what you love always!


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