#SoSusanUncovered Ep. 5: How To Keep Up With Digital Marketing Trends


Ah, the ever evolving marketing world...

I'm Gemma, the Social Media Manager here at So Susan! In todays episode of #SoSusanUncovered I'll be sharing all my insider tips on keeping up with the craziness of social media and how you can grow your brand online organically.

Digital marketing has hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing platforms. The key ones for promoting your brand are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And amongst these, you have the influencers - bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers. Let's talk about the step by step best ways of keeping up to date with online trends...

1. Use Apps

Being active on social media means you can be constantly notified when apps are being updated. When you're trying to learn a new skill, you'll learn way quicker when you're physically doing it, rather than if you simply read a book about it. The same goes for social media! 

Whilst you're using the apps, make sure you're following influencers and brands that interest you and influence you. That leads me onto my next step...

2. Follow Influencers

As a cosmetics company, examples of influencers we follow are Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA, Laura Lee and hundreds of other influential makeup artists and bloggers who post insightful beauty reviews. These are the people that are going to be the first to talk about a new product, new beauty trend, or a crazy new YouTube challenge. So when you're scrolling down your feed, you'll be one of the first to know and you can potentially incorporate this into your own marketing. 

Other accounts to follow would be potential stockists, your competition, brands you could collaborate with and popular pages in your genre of business.

3. Websites

Once a week I check up on industry websites that post daily updates of new beauty launches, events and brand collaborations. My favourites for this are Diary Directory and Fashion Monitor. This keeps me up to date with what other brands are working on and inspires ideas for us. 

4. Podcasts & Events

I love motivating myself in the morning by listening to a careers podcast. There are lots of channels that focus chats around digital marketing and I always learn something new or feel inspired to create new content every time I tune in! Also, another way of inspiring new ideas is attending events and listening to panel talks. Or even just watching YouTube videos! All of these are a great way to network with industry experts. Exhibitions like Indie Beauty Expo are another amazing way to discover independent brands and find out what they're up to. 

5. Print Magazines

Even in a world where print publishing is (sadly) & slowly fading away, I still love to read a good old print magazine. I spend my entire day on my phone and laptop, so it's nice to settle down with a magazine at times (which gives your eyes a rest from bright screens). For me, you can't beat beautiful stylised double-page-spread trend pages to find out what colors and textures everyone is loving. 

6. Competition

Taking a look at your competitors' social media feeds inspires ways to improve or develop your own digital marketing. Are they offering discounts? Giveaways? What brands are they collaborating with? What influencers are they working with? Do you like a particular photography technique they use? These are all things to consider when checking out your competition. 


When it comes to marketing your own brand, you'll have mediocre days and really awesome days! One day a post may get 100 likes, and your next post gets 50. It's all about finding yourself as a brand, putting your own twist on your content, getting to know your followers, and what posts do well. Stay active and engage with your followers, gain relationships and say thank you to them with giveaways and offers. Digital marketing is a full-time job and it takes time to grow a brand but if you get it right, you'll never look back! 

Happy formulating and here’s to living life passionately, colorfully, doing what you love always!

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